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The Human in Change

The high spot of connectivity, the same for all beings. Heartmath institute research. The proof we are all connected. This is all based upon pure science since 1992 and up till today.

HeartMathInstitute - April 22nd 2013 - The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence:

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The video has to be seen in full to have the best possible position of balance between mind and the real you before you should continue reading this article and watching all the other videos.

The mind and the 3rd dimensional human being. When watching the follwing video, after becoming into the knowing of the heart and its connectivity - the connection to all - you may be interested in knowing that the mind is now over-stimulated by the reflective fields of our beloved planet. All of humanity's thoughts are constantly reflected in this field, and so goes for all the minds too. This will make you wondering so much, that it might be time for you to have your mind disconnected from this mind-field of our planet, set it free, and have it aligned with who you actually and really are. The human minds are now as a program very similar to a virus ... is it maybe the main virus that could kill us all by its "negative creations" of doom and gloom ?
From July 5th 2014 - The Mind - Alan Watts:

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The following interviews are very much in line with our discoveries and what we have practiced here at Rosita in northern Norway for some time now. And also what people are coming here from around the world to discover, explore and develop in their own consciousness.

What is revealed here are all based on pure science – the real science of this time – all by cause and effect without interference and speculations from the mind.

Interview with a group on Skype - Oct 3rd 2014 - Live Q&A W/ Drunvalo Melchizedek Episode 13 w ATIH teacher Carolina Cocis:

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Interview with Lilou Maze Nov 19th 2014 - Electric Universe: Birkeland currents & Mer-Ka-Ba science - Drunvalo Melchizedek:

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Interview with Lilou Maze Dec 8th 2014 -  The greatest secret in the Universe: No polarity in the heart - Drunvalo Melchizedek:

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Interview with Lilou Maze Jan 18th 2015 - COSMIC GRACE! RETURNING TO SOURCE (part 1/2) - Drunvalo Melchizedek part 1:

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Interview with Lilou Maze Jan 23rd 2015 - Next level of existence (part 2/2) - Drunvalo Melchizedek part 2:


The binary connection - the energetic vortex of all there is - our magic energetic field of being. Discoveries by Marko Rodin, expressed and developed by Marko Rodin & Randy Powell. The binary system is already fully implemented in our computer technology and is now being developed further by this knowing and wisdom. Theories that is now proven to be a “motor” to change all established sciences of our old world and views of both math and physics.

From April 19th 2014 - A Vortex Based Mathematics Presentation Starring Marko Rodin & Randy Powell:

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From May 5th 2013 - Randy's Donuts - The Movie - Support Video # 1:

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From May 16th 2013 - Randy's Donuts The Movie - Support Video # 2:

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From Dec 22nd 2010 - Randy Powell: Intro to Vortex Math [Full] [1/2]:

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From Dec 23rd 2010 - Randy Powell: Intro to Vortex Math [Full] [2/2]:

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The free, unknown by sciences - electricity potentials - practical video - and inventions.
The modern worlds "Nicola Tesla" embodies by Gerard Morin - Nov 7th 2014 - Free and Natural Energy - The Mystery Solved:

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This video is the practical proof of the electric universe and how we can harvest the electric energies we do need or want for all our gadgets to electric usage. - Jeremy Stride and the Coral Castle - the codes for connecting with the energies to levitate matter. (be aware of the the expression “code 144” and how that relates to what is given in the material above).
Drunvalo Melchizedek is in one of the interviews about telling about the ways to go all the way ... from our 3rd dimension of living to the highest of these realms of being ... the 144th dimensions. NASA and its scientist have written articles about their discoveries of more than 11 dimensions that they already use in their programs, some as far back as in the early years of this millennium .... so it is already out there in the knowing of some sciences,  hidden away from our practical world of living.
The audio files for the last part of 2014 and now in 2015 are all worthy of listening to. These are highly energetic channelings that will resonate in all consciously connected humans, and will be an opener into these realms through the creation of wondering ...


All the above is shared with you all from the inner of my heart,
--- Bengt ---