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Fraud or Pure Fantasy? - Part 3

fraudI strongly advice you to start with the first article in this series before continuing with this article!

Fraud or Pure Fantasy? Part 1

Fraud or Pure Fantasy? Part 2

From the first article, remember this:

I started this article with the sentence “Fraud or Pure Fantasy with a question mark (?)” in an attempt to have you, the reader's attention on full alert when reading this, with a very very good reason, because this may indeed and in particular be “something” to open your mind up for the possibility of You being one of these “victims” for these ruthless peoples acts.

I will in this part put a deeper focus on how these Frauds or Pure Fantasies could be done or rather performed by these actors and their henchmen, so please have your attention on high red alert!

Some actors on the market have created a cult-like movement around their products, and these movements are fully driven by their love of power and status – but what kind of power? Could you the reader see that this may be the power over you – the believer in their Fantasies, that actually is Fraud in full day light for all to see, but to see it, you will have to be focused and have Faith in yourself, and not them.

ratfish-right-transparentWhen fully focused you may even see the difference between a Ratfish and a Skate fish, and if not, you may go in to yourself, use your focus and check this out for yourself. Even if someone with fame and glory that seems to be trusted are telling you that Ratfish and Skate fish actually are the same … and even goes longer in his henchman's role for the actor … telling you and all people on the Internet - with official videos, that … Skates are members of the same family of fish as Ratfish … what a statement from a person that we should have Faith in …

You don't need to be an expert or scientist to see the difference between these two fish species, and to think for yourself and use your focus to look this up on the very informative and useful Internet, do you?

These actors are actually speculating in your Faith and Trust in well known people, and are using them as their henchmen to “convince” you the customer to become a member of “their cult”, because if you are buying into their Fantasies (Fraud), you yourself will protect these same actors and their henchmen, and are willing to go very far in doing so.

And after a little while, several uncritical websites are lured and tricked into the same beliefs, and all in a sudden becomes henchmen of these same actors even without knowing it. But are they innocent in their acts and doings by making a Fantasy (Fraud) into a big “cult” and new belief system? The people behind these websites with blogs and news and more, they actually have a great responsibility being truthful servants for you the readers and the users of such products, but instead, they digest the news without any basic research in flow with the rest, and publishes the actors and their henchmen's Fantasies (Fraud) as they were their own.

If a competitor to such an actor comes out with a new product for the market – a product showing real properties and something “the actor” in question can't match or reach up to – the actor in question goes into what we do experience as the “War Mode”. Everything then is about being the best or the winner, with no thoughts or feelings for the people, that is you their Faithful customer, because being the winner and best is all there is in these actors mind.

Skate-fishThey have no interest in you the people for other purposes than the power that gives a lot of money and status. So if anyone comes up with a new product that actually is truthful, and in full creation with the very same environment and nature we all are into – then beloved reader – they set all hell and war into having you the reader and customer to look upon such a pure clean and natural product as the real enemy of you. If that is not possible, they go the other way of using hearsay into the huge enormous “cult movement” they have built, to spread rumors and untruthful propaganda to create as much power and status that money can buy.

Your curiosity regarding who all these people might be, should be pretty much awakened by now, and it might be difficult to hold you back awaiting the names, products, henchmen and all. But to this, I must tell you the reader, that that is something you will have to do using your own focus and skills through being a searcher for the Facts, and not hearsay.

I am making all this public to have you the reader “educated” to be so much in love and focused to yourself, that you may be able to love all and everyone on this planet. That is not to be the judge regarding these or other people. Most of them don't even know that they are being used by the actor and their initial henchmen. I ask you all to be in Peace and Harmony and forgive them all into yourself, because they did not know better when they became tricked and lured into all of this.

When having this in mind, please then try Google search and go through all the websites and videos that has been lured into the beliefs through the following search statement:

Skates are members of the same family of fish as Ratfish

(This statement is of cause Pure Fantasy)

Please then read the following article and in this find the video embeded into it to be even more revealing:

Ratfish liver oil is NOT Skate liver oil

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Lots of Love and Light to you all
--- Bengt Svensson ---