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Fraud or Pure Fantasy? - Part 1

Prevention-of-FraudSome suppliers of supplements may use all means to get into your pockets, they are into this for the money - YOUR MONEY - and only that.

By these single minded people you are being tricked and lured to buy and use remedies our ancient forefathers far back in time used for lubrication and to fuel lamps, and for other mechanical or general usage. Some products are even so horrible that if you serve it to your dog or cat or other lovable pets, they may run away and fear you every time you are bringing that product up on the table for the rest of their lives.

I started this article with the sentence “Fraud or Pure Fantasy with a question mark (?)” in an attempt to have you, the reader's attention on full alert when reading this, with a very very good reason, because this may indeed and in particular be “something” to open your mind for the possibility of You being one of these “victims” for these ruthless peoples acts.

So who am I to tell you this and reveal my pure and truthful ways by sharing this with you?

Before I go into this subject of “Fraud or Pure Fantasy?”, revealing the truth about all this, I will have to share my story of how the Rosita Family became what it is, and also reveal to you why I am doing this now.

Well, some years back in time – in 2009 – I watched a video on Project Camelot with Dr. Pete Peterson, and after that nothing became the same for me in regards of our usage of marine supplements and supplements in general. This started a long process with deep studies into all of this, attracting unique people in all needed professions with specialists and scientists, all working with me and the Rosita Family for free for more than 4 years now, because they became true lovers of my findings, now established in a clear scientific way of sharing this in form of real pure and unique natural products given from our beloved nature without any modernistic principles and / or processing.

Through my personal status in life, working as a personal coach within the fields of Consciousness, I then (led by my consciously awakened awareness) found that a friend of mine had used this oil as the main ingredient in a rather unique and special massage oil with rather unique effects, but the little fishy smell stopped her from putting it into full usage.

She still had some left, stored in a glass bottle. And amazingly, the oil was just as good as when she had it given from the fish liver back then, 6 years earlier. No rancidity, clear golden and ready for testing. This was the Ratfish Liver Oil Dr. Pete Peterson was talking about in that interview … please view the video and also read the last part of the transcript, also posted here on this website:

Ratfish Oil - Dr.Pete Peterson - June 2009

You, the reader, should have been together with us back then, feeling the excitement when we tested out this remarkable, amazing and unique Ratfish Liver Oil from that 6 year old bottle. The results were amazing. With its real properties and rather miraculous content - and what Dr. Pete Peterson said - must have been just the top of “the mountain” in regards of all our findings. The only catch was the fishy taste that we did not like.

This was the start of finding the natures ways of having fish liver and other living cellular structures releasing its oil by using the ways of our ancestors – it was all about following the cycles of our beloved mother nature. She is actually showing this to us all – all the time, but we the humans are blind for this, due to our belief systems adapted through so called evolution and a constant focus on our high tech revolutions, all bringing our focus away from our beloved mother earth and her magnificent and beautiful loving nature.

I made a video of this in February of 2013 and gave it the name: “The Gold of the Ocean Revealed”, and posted it on YouTube here on this link:

I made this video to tell you all that to make fresh fish liver oil could be done by anyone with access to fresh fish, I did this to make sure you all may do this, absolute free of charge. It does not cost you anything to do this, but only all the work and simple preparations that may be needed to have those “Golden drops of the Ocean” fully available to digest and use.

Using all our skills with the ways of nature, our Ratfish Liver Oil “lost” that fishy smell and taste, and also showed great improvements in how it functioned in / on our bodies when using and digesting it.

And through strict 3rd party testing with the best marine technology available at that time, we became even more amazed to find how clean an pure this oil really is. We then decided to go public to share this pure natural, unique miracle with the whole world having our first website up with a net-shop at – a website that is still fully active, but now it is our Rosita Taiwan Net-Shop.

Today, my conscious awareness - using the skills from the rather unknown ways of the old Norse Druids (even before the Vikings) – and other more eastern ways of some few Guru's - have enriched my life to be able to use the so called focused mid-brain to create into myself the knowing needed to be really happy and loving in life. I am now attracting people with the same ethos of living a life fully focused and aware of “all there is” through Beauty, Love and Truth in absolute Peace, Trust and Harmony with Consciousness.

rosita 2014All this is used in our business, and here in Northern Norway on the island of Doenna (Dønna in Norwegian) at our very special place and building carrying the name of Rosita. Here we are “working the energies” through Consciousness 24-7 together with a constant flow of people coming into our constantly growing family (The Rosita Family) sharing their love and creational being together with the staff here at Rosita. Living this really is the true way of life, and we are all equally in this together. (This is neither a sect or a religion, and we do eat normal food and drink good red wine, and some even smoke cigarettes or cigars).

We also have our own Norwegian website carrying the name “Wizard in the Light – Yes I am, In love for All” (In Norwegian that is “Veiviser I Lyset – Ja-Jeg-ER, I kjærlighet for Alt og Alle”). You may visit this website using Google translator to read it in “funny Google English”.

Our main international website in our teachings in consciousness is "The Way Home Through Consciousness", it is in both English and Norwegian, please visit this website to know even more about us and our Rosita Family.

All the money coming in since we made our Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ available to the global market, have been used in Research and Development (R&D) to have our “Ancient technology” used in production of several more products with just as amazing properties and specialties. All this to have real genuine pure natural products out to you, the people of this beautiful planet.

The first of our new products out is our Rosita Real Foods™ Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (Rosita EVCLO). This product was launched in late May this year in our Rosita Net-Shop, and is now available in the US, Australia and Netherlands. This link will guide you to all the authorized countries and resellers of our products:

To read more about our Rosita EVCLO, please go to the following links:

Since the establishment of our business with the Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™ we have been in touch with several big fully commercialized market oriented businesses that have tried to get their hands on our products, only for the case of creating more money. But we could not do this, because that might have been an “criminal act” to the people of this world.

There is nothing wrong with money, and our Rosita Family ethos is very in line with that. To serve you, the people of this world – with Beautiful, Loving and Truthful products in Peace, Trust and Harmony with all there is.

So before revealing my experiences and knowing of “Fraud or Pure Fantasy?”, I had to share this initial story about who we are – the members of the constantly growing Rosita Family, and also our Rosita Family ethos.

I also had to wait with this to show you all that it is fully possible to work together in full Harmony to create real wonders into this world by just doing it, in stead of complaining about all what is wrong and not good for us. Together we really make the whole difference, and that is to change this world of falsified, artificial and none truthful products and remedies that may even be harmful for us all.

And now, when we in our Rosita Family have shown our selves and now also you, that it really is possible to make the real thing by using the principles of our beloved nature, we are now ready to go to the next step – to reveal all this about “Fraud or Pure Fantasy?”

… to be continued in “Fraud or Pure Fantasy? - Part 2

Lots of Love and Light to you all
--- Bengt Svensson ---