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Step Aside and Reverse the Flow

Reverse Warrior webtag 0-600x5561by Zen Gardner

There’s a very strange vibe that’s hit the past few days. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to these things and it can often be personal situations, but I’m hearing it being echoed from several quarters. We’ve been discussing this at home as we’ve been hit strongly with experiencing this same wave of weirdness. What I find peculiar is that I’m not finding clear correlating news trends that usually accompany these sensations. Instead it’s the same old march to global madness–now our basic reality.

As if that isn’t bizarre enough.

It’s not comfortable nor empowering whatever this spiritual weather system is. It’s more of a scramble signal of some sort. It seems to seek to zap our energy and confuse our thinking and spiritual orientation. This of course is an ongoing phenomenon we all have to deal with but it 


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