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20 degrees
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Waxing Crescent Moon
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Rosita Family Ad

The Real Thing

ratfishoilI made the pleasure of meeting some really consciously aware people that have now launched a new beautiful and pure natural cod liver oil that will hit the ceiling when people out becomes aware of it.

This may be the first pure natural cod liver oil ever on this planet with all vitamins and minerals as they are in the living fish, they seems to have found the code of how to do this.

I came in touch with these people more than a year back in time after revealing the truth about most of the junk-products in our market when I did find a product carrying the name Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil. That oil is the real thing, because I am a living evidence and proof of its purity and real properties, and I love it. It heals wounds deep into the body quite easily, and not only does it heal cavities and wounds, but it also decalcify on deeper levels making me remember things I have forgotten for years. But that is their Ratfishoil. I bet their new oil is just as good! And they do ship globally.

They only produce small batches (made manually), so its all about staying alert and be there when there is something available.

If you use their ratfish oil together with butter from grass feeders, you may say good bye to your dentist for a long long while, but be careful, its strong and concentrated stuff they are serving!

Here is a link to their webshop if you are looking for the real thing:


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