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Are We Approaching the Final Shift?

planetx-2007-08b11-255x200You’ll run across this subject of inter-stellar influences and seemingly intrusive visitors regularly when researching our current condition. Many sites and articles focus on the potential of incoming objects hitting or seriously affecting our planet. I take this all very seriously. We are a small marble in the midst of a rapidly moving and changing universe, subject to physical and metaphysical influences the nature of which we cannot  begin to fathom.
These influences are reciprocal.
What we as a race and planet put out or respond to are as important as the initiated sequence of outside influences. In other words, our collective awakening and conscious response is extremely powerful, no matter the “invasive” influence. We are not passive objects in a sterile cosmos. We are free to influence and determine outcomes.
We decide our destiny.
Keep that in mind while reading the following excerpt. 



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