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Sun in Pisces
28 degrees
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12 degrees
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Waxing Crescent Moon
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Gnosticism, Answers To Who We Are

judaspageWhat we now call Gnostics is a collection of many sects, communities and groups who lived around the beginning of the era. They reflected a change in the consciousness of mankind with a new view of man and the divine. Originally only a few groups used the term Gnostic, but historians began to use this term for many more groups who held similar belief systems.

     Before the beginning of the era there was already a Gnostic system of Hellenistic and Jewish origin. Gnosticism became more defined when in the 2nd century AD a clear distinction happened between Gnostics and orthodox Christians. The orthodox Christians started to persecute the Gnostics because the Gnostic schools were seen as a threat to the Church.

Let the viewer discern this material for him/her self please..     


Solar data from NOAA

Proton flux - 5 min data
Proton flux - 5 min data - online
Electron flux - 5 min data
Elektron flux - 5 min data - online
Xray flux - 5 min data
Røntgen flux - 5 min data - online
Magnetometer - 5 min data
Magnetometer - 5 min data - online
Sun-Spot-Activity - 5 min data
Solflekk-aktivitet - 5 min data - online
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