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Sun in Pisces
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Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon
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Secrets of the Inner Earth

prt 220x351 1417888168What lies beneath the surface of the Earth has been pondered, speculated, and studied for centuries. It is generally accepted that the Earth contains a solid iron inner core, a liquid iron outer core, and a liquid rock mantle with enormous caverns that contain crystal deposits. Considering we do not yet have an effective way to voyage into the depths of the planet, we've only speculated based on our knowledge and studies of the Earth’s environmental geography, the behavior of the Earth's crust, and the magnetic fields generated by the Earth and other rock planets supposedly containing a core of solid iron. Other theories as to what could be on the interior of the planet suggest that there exists an advanced species that are the true proprietors of the Earth while humans are merely surface-dwelling lambs that these advanced beings allow to exist. This realm within our world is known as Agartha and is referred to as the Land of Advanced Races. The land of Agartha supposedly has oceans, landmasses, wildlife, and vegetation just as we have on the surface.


Solar data from NOAA

Proton flux - 5 min data
Proton flux - 5 min data - online
Electron flux - 5 min data
Elektron flux - 5 min data - online
Xray flux - 5 min data
Røntgen flux - 5 min data - online
Magnetometer - 5 min data
Magnetometer - 5 min data - online
Sun-Spot-Activity - 5 min data
Solflekk-aktivitet - 5 min data - online
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