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The Age Of Aquarius And Transhumanism

aquarius 700x517The Grand Cosmic Year of twenty-six thousand years is grinding to a close and a New Cosmic Age is beginning. Will the age of Aquarius bring a revolution of peace and love as heralded by the sixties–or will it usher in an age of unprecedented misery for humanity?

We have been in the cusp of Aquarian energy for a while, and we can see how the negative aspects of the Aquarian frequency are manifesting in the reality around us. Fracking, gmo’s, chemtrails, engineered diseases, to name a few.

Aquarius is a fixed, male polarity of Air and can be rigid and ruthless in its thinking. In its negative aspects its resonates with the hard, cold intellect of the vivisector, the cruel geneticist, with no heart to hold the balance. On the energetic plane, this is the reptile mindset of the controllers of our planet.  The blue blood nests have dangerous thoughts and, the power to make their insanity…reality. 


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Magnetometer - 5 min data - online
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