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The Significance of the Virgo New Moon

New-Moon-in-Virgo-Alchemical-Change-Happy birthday Virgos! When taking a look at the evolutionary cycle of the planets at the moment, we are faced with another impactful internal paradigm shift. This new moon cycle in Virgo holds for us powerful inner healing and inner transformation. I personally am excited about this one! We are continually shifting and changing inwardly, but every so often we get a shift that takes place which we feel intensely. I personally see this powerful shift having a direct connection to the healing process that is needed after the intense last 3 years of personal inner breakdowns. Up until now that is what has been happening, the structure of our inner reality has been changing. The key to changing the world is recognizing that first change must come from within.

I will break this down for you, and hopefully offer some insights into how to approach this energy pattern. 


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